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One platform for optimal fleet performance

Gain actionable insights and recommendations to enhance fleet efficiency, safety, and sustainability with the power of AI and data intelligence.

Fleet Optimization

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Safety Program

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Damn Good Trucking

We Have More Than 20+ Years In Fleet Management

Discover how to track, measure, and optimize your operations. Maximize your fuel efficiency, develop a preventive maintenance program, and benchmark your performance against other fleets. Ask about our comprehensive Fleet Safety Programs and Government Transportation Compliance Training.

Our BEst Business

Why Choice Our Transportation Services

An open platform driven by AI and data intelligence, designed for safe, sustainable, and cost-effective mobility.

Multiple Data Sources

Connect the things that matter most to your business.

Curve Logic Algorithm

Efficient transfer of vehicle data using a curve-based algorithm for the most accurate and quality data.

Fleet Safety Programs

Reduce accidents and identify unsafe driving behaviors with unmatched accuracy and speed.

Complience Consulting

Optimize Fleet Safety and Compliance with expert solutions. We are the compliance partner for those who aim higher.

Geotab Platform

Al-enabled, proactive insights for smart decision-making and informed action. All with critical speed, scale and accuracy.


Visibility, flexibility and operational control to minimize pain points and maximize bottom line benefits.


Expedition Choicing

Navigating Fleet Safety, Compliance, and Risk Management

Access a comprehensive solution to oversee and regulate your DOT Compliance, boost CSA scores, simplify driver and vehicle compliance processes, and mitigate risks. Our centralized online dashboard combines fleet data, efficient technologies, and support from a wide network of top-tier partners and third-party integrations.

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International Logistics

A single hub for fleet maintenance management and optimization

Handle inspections, work orders, PM schedules, parts inventory, and other tasks effortlessly through one centralized dashboard. Damn Good Trucking leverages data from your daily operations, transforming it into impactful insights to propel your fleet forward with assurance.

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Driver Safety and Compliance

The cost in fines and downtime associated with driver and people safety and regulatory violations can be avoided using a comprehensive and proactive approach to DOT and safety risk management.


Vehicle Safety and Compliance

From Licensing and Permitting to Fuel Tax and Mileage Reporting, your vehicles and equipment need to be on the road and running strong. Asset management, such that your fleet vehicles are properly licensed and permitted to IFTA / IRP guidelines, is a perpetual concern for commercial operators large and small.


Fuel Tax and Mileage Compliance

Fuel tax reporting, to government oversight agencies, can quickly turn into a headache. Anyone responsible for operating a fleet, and managing fuel tax, knows this. The influx of information from FMCSA mandated ELDs, driver logs, GPS, and fuel vendors is nothing short of overwhelming.


Extended Fleet Services

Our product and service offerings are always developed with our customers’ needs in mind. The current state of the economy, the status of the transportation industry, and the rapid development of advanced technologies complicate fleet operations.


Consulting and Audit Support

We’ll help you go beyond meeting DOT and FMCSA standards by analyzing your current processes and making recommendations to achieve best practices for improved insight, safety, and profitability.


Intelligent Compliance Platform

The transportation and fleet industries offer a plethora of technology options including cloud solutions, big data, Electronic Logging Devices, and the Internet of Things. To enhance your fleet business, look beyond basic compliance standards.

The Great Vision

Concentrate on expanding your business while we tackle the complexities.


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Unlock savings, safety, and optimization by building strong relationships. Track, measure, and refine operations, optimize fuel usage, establish maintenance schedules, and benchmark performance. Inquire about our Fleet Safety Programs and Compliance Training for regulatory adherence and operational excellence.

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